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From breath taking views, to amazing dining experiences - Here’s why you NEED to visit Thailand!

There are so many reasons to visit Thailand. Whether you want adrenaline fuelled activities such as parasailing and jet skiing, or relaxing pool-side and enjoying a Thai massage, or even trekking above the clouds through the mountains enabling you to see the world from different heights, there is something for everyone.

Here I will tell you what you need to do and then tell you how to make the dream of visiting the majestic islands of Thailand a reality.

What you need to do in Thailand

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing in Thailand

If you’ve never been on a Jet ski before, you’re in for treat! A fast paced, adrenaline rushed adventure awaits. A 30-minute session will usually cost around 800 – 1500 baht depending on where and who you jet ski with, and the season you go in.



Not for the faint hearted, but very rewarding for those who are brave! You’ll be briefed on safety, (…no safety briefing is probably a bad sign), harnessed to a life jacket and parachute then pulled out to sea by speed boat. You’ll see the beautiful islands in a way that couldn’t be put into words! Be wary though as your insurance may not cover you should anything go wrong.

Shoot a gun

Shooting A Gun

For the pacifist out there, this one might not be for you. But, if you’ve always dreamt about being the action star in movie or wanted to see what shooting a gun really feels like, this is one you shouldn’t pass on! When visiting a shooting range in Thailand, you’ll be shown a massive arsenal of weapons. From 9mm pistols, to sniper rifles, what better way to play the hero in a safe and secure environment!

Gun Range

Boat touring

Boat Tours

A boat tour in Thailand is like no other! Getting to see the crystal-clear waters and tropical sea life is one of the truly incredible wonders of the world. You can also add in Scuba Diving or Snorkelling to get a real up-close look into the beautiful sea life.

There is a list of different places to boat tour here on Trip Advisor.

Island hopping

Nangyuan Beach

An extension of boat touring in Thailand is island hopping. Hugely popular in South East Asia with over 5,000 miles of coastline to explore by long-tail boat, Thailand has the best island-hopping opportunities in the world. From the famous limestone rocks of Phang Nga Bay, to snorkelling off the white beaches of Ko Phi Phi Lee, you’d be a fool to not to hop away!

Patong Beach

Patong Beach

For those interested in delving into the nightlife of Thailand, Patong has a wide array of activities during the day and is humming with life during the night! There are hundreds of bars, restaurants and night clubs ready to be discovered. The hot streets, neon lights and busy atmosphere is perfect for the excited ones who love a night out full of adventure!

Elephant Experience

A respected animal and the symbol of Thailand; there are many ways to encounter these majestic elephants all over the country. You’ll need to venture away from the coastline to find them, but it’ll be worth the trip. Be conscious of the touristy elephant rides and the rides that force the elephants to perform tricks - animal cruelty is a big problem in South East Asia. With that in mind, there are many ethical sanctuaries that allow some up-close experiences with elephants.


Loy Krathong Festival

There are many festivals throughout the year in Thailand and visitors are very welcome and encouraged to join in! There’s no better way to get a greater insight into local customs and traditions. You can attend events such as Songkran (Thai New Year) in April, the natural phenomenon of Naga Fireballs in October, and Loi Krathong in November.

Floating Markets

Floating Market

This is one of the most incredible ways to shop for local produce and is an amazing sight to behold; small wooden boats stacked high with colourful fruits and veg. Make sure to locate a market, arrive in good time to avoid the big crowds and you will be rewarded with an experience like no other. Try the local fruits like yellow longans and custard apples – Oh and don’t forget your camera for this!

National Parks

Blue Lagoon

Home to some of the best national parks in the world, Thailand features amazing landscapes and beautiful World Heritage Sites with remarkable biking/hiking trails. Make sure to visit the Phanom Rung Historical Par which houses 12th century sandstone ruins and the Khao Sai Dao Waterfall, which flows all year down 16-levels. Also, it boasts of a wildlife sanctuary to be explored.

So, have I sold you on the idea of Thailand? Here’s what you need to know:

Do you need a visa to go to Thailand?

This is one of the first questions asked when wanting to visit South East Asia. In short, No, you do not need a visa to visit Thailand.

Tourists from around 48 different countries, which includes the UK, USA and Canada, will not need a visa to visit Thailand for trips less than 30 days. Visitors who wish to stay longer than 30 days can apply for 30 days extension at the Thai Immigration Bureau Office in Bangkok.

It’s as easy as booking a flight and turning up at the airport!

Do I need vaccines to visit Thailand?

Yes – You will need vaccines. For most travellers touring Thailand, the vaccines you will need to have had are injections for childhood diseases such as Tetanus and Diphtheria, Mumps, Measles and Rubella. You should also get additional vaccinations to cover Typhoid and Hepatitis A.

Optional vaccines for further cover would be; Hepatitis B, Rabies, Meningococcal Meningitis and Cholera.

For more information (UK) visit the government website on Thailand vaccinations: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/thailand/health

Once you’re vaccinated you will be set to go!

When is the best time to go?

I would recommend visiting the beautiful sights of Thailand between the months of November and April. These are the driest and warmest times of the year to soak of all the sun and sights without being stuck in the hotel waiting for the rain to stop. That is, of course, if you don’t mind battling the elements!

Usually around this time of year the temperature stays between 30 and 36 degrees, with up to nine hours of sunshine to enjoy.

Between January and April are the hottest months in Thailand without the humidity, so it’s the perfect time for the beach lovers out there! Also, the Similan Islands, located in the Andaman Sea are open to the public at this time, so what better reason to visit during these months!

What is the total cost to go?

Whenever I fly I use Skyscanner as I find it’s the best that works for me; it makes things simple with options to add hotel, car hire and multi-city flight, adding options for the backpackers out there! It also gives you the best and cheapest times to visit different countries around the globe!

How long does it take to get to Thailand from London?

Most one-stop flights from London to Bangkok takes roughly 16 hours but a non-stop flight between London and Bangkok takes around 13 hours to travel the 6012 miles. Some flights, however, can take up to 40 hours depending on stop over destinations and waiting duration. So be sure to look at the details of the flights and choose accordingly to your time and budget.

How much will a ticket cost me?

Depending on where you are planning to go in Thailand will affect prices. For example, if you plan to go to Bangkok or Phuket it will cost between £320 - £400 from London. If you’re planning to go to more remote parts of Thailand such as Rayong and Lampang it will cost between £650 - £750.

How much spending money will I need to take?

The spending money you will need will depend on what sort of activities you plan to do. Are you going to budget your days or live lavishly?

We recommend a minimum of 2000 THB (Thai Baht) a day as this will allow you to eat out at different places and try a few activities a day. An estimate of £700 for 2 weeks will give you just under (THB) 28,000. This should be more than enough for you to experience the joys of Thailand. If you’re more into the 5-star lifestyle, you may need 3000-5000 THB a day.


And there it is! All the information you need to create your own South East Asia adventure, with excitement, adrenaline, and wonderful scenery to make everlasting memories... Or pictures to make your Instagram followers jealous, your choice!

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