Hastings Pier

Where are the dog friendly locations in Hastings?

So, you’re planning a trip to Hastings and want to know where you can take your four-legged, furry friend? Well, let us break down what we consider the best dog friendly locations are based off of the many times we have been below!

TL:DR – Best dog friendly locations in Hastings

  • The beach
  • Hasting pier
  • The White Rock Hotel
  • Royal Victoria Hotel
  • The Crown gastropub
  • Undercliffe House restaurant
  • The Old Market Restaurant & Bar
  • Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve
  • Collared dog shop

Dog on Hastings Beach

Best time to go

It depends on what you want out of your visit. It is a seaside town, so tends to be busier during June to August (the summer months) but will generally have nicer weather around this time - although no guarantee in England! If you would like to walk through the town centre/ old town, but your dog doesn’t do well in crowds (like our Ella), it might be better to go in the off peak season.

It is also worth noting that dogs are restricted from certain sections of the beach between May and September, however you can still take them to certain sections which are signposted along the entire seafront.

Dog Sleeping Hotel

Best places to stay

The White Rock Hotel 

The owner’s dogs sometimes hang out behind the desk at reception. On the seafront. Nice to eat breakfast on the terrace in the warmer months

Royal Victoria Hotel

Only non-sea view rooms are pet friendly. Generally a bit cheaper than the White Rock Hotel. On seafront.

Dog friendly restaurant

Dog friendly restaurants

The Crown

A gastropub that is dog friendly, and has veggie/vegan options – we’re sold!

Any Chip shop along the promenade

It would not be a proper visit to the seaside without a portion of chips. Grab some chips (or fish and chips if you like) from one of the many fish and chip shops around (most have a takeaway window so you don’t need to go inside) and eat as you’re walking or take to eat on the beach/ nearby bench.

The café-bar at The White Rock

Mainly a seafood restaurant but they do have vegetarian options and are dog friendly.

The Old Market Restaurant & Bar

Dog friendly, vegan/veggie options and has a lunch and dinner menu.

Dog on hastings beach

What to do

Beach and Pier

Walk on the the promenade, and down Hastings Pier – restricted sections during May-September.

The parts of the beach where dogs are not allowed will generally have a signpost. If you are unsure, just look for other dogs! Also, ease your dog slowly when walking across the pier as it has slats and you can see the beach/ water directly below – Ella did not look down until she got to the end then freaked out and wouldn’t move!

Are dogs allowed on Hastings pier?

Yes. You can take your dog on the beach as long as they are on a lead and well trained/ behaved. They are not, however, allowed in any of the buildings or the upper deck.

Dog friendly park

Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve.

Accessible by the East Hill lift or stairs (I believe you need to buy a ticket for the lift. The stairs are free but steep!). This is a big draw for us as there’s so much greenery, open space, and lots of different smells for Ella! You may see wild animals if you walk far enough (e.g. rabbits, birds, ponies, cattle etc.), or at least evidence of animals, so if your dog has a strong hunting drive but poor recall, it’s best to keep them on the leash. It’s a lot of ground to cover if they run off! There was a land slip in 2014 so part of the route is blocked off (there are signs so you’ll know when you get there). There are diversion signs so you can go around via a different way but we have not taken Ella via this route so unsure how dog friendly it is.

Nature Reserve Park

Old Town - Collared

Take a walk through the narrow streets of charming Old Town, full of quirky and independent shops, it’s definitely worth a stroll down if you have time. One shop we certainly suggesting visiting is Collared as not only does it offer many inexpensive dog accessories, but it also allows your dog inside to pick their own treats!

Not all are dog friendly, so if you fancy taking a look inside some shops as opposed to window shopping, you’ll need to take a fellow human along with you on your trip (so you can take turns keeping your dog/s company outside).

Collared shop


I hope this article helps.

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